[IRP] Monthly conference call and 2010 workplan

Lisa Horner lisa
Thu Feb 4 01:34:37 EET 2010

Hi all

I'm very sorry for the late notice on this, but from the people who filled in their availability on the Doodle calendar, 10.00 CET is the time that suits most people tomorrow (THURSDAY 4TH FEB).  Apologies to Graciela who can't make it - I propose that we have a later call so that the Americas can join more easily next month.

The Skype number to call is the same as before: +9900827044014832


a)Work plan and work areas.
Proposal at: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AbEcBWyGO2nQZGQ4YmM3Z2ZfM2ZiY2Y5cGdu&hl=en

b)Update on initiatives:

- Charter process

- Regional IGF workshops

c) IGF Open Consultations
d) AOB

Many thanks,


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