[IRP] Notes from call on preamble.

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Fri Dec 17 18:28:34 EET 2010

Hi all,

Thanks Lisa for your notes. I'll try to make it shorter than  
Marianne;)) :

Le 15 d?c. 10 ? 20:21, Lisa Horner a ?crit :

> So please comment on the following options and say which you prefer:
> a. Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

No, we are not defining rights that the Internet would enjoy

> b. Charter of Internet Rights and Principles

No (same reason), moreover, we should keep *human* rights in the name

> c. Charter of human rights and principles in the Internet environment

I'd prefer this one, or even rather "Charter of human rights and  
principles in the digital environment", but I understand it's  
important to keep "Internet" in the name

> d. Charter of human rights and principles in an Internet enabled  
> world.

No, we remain in the same (brave new?) world

An additional note on "principles" in the name: we've already seen  
that "principles" have at least 3 different understandings, as  
discussed during our call of 24 November on the nature of the  
charter, see notes on this call from Dixie, posted on 25 novembre  
2010 16:00:27 CET. Quoting Dixie's notes:
- principles which are essentially a re-working of a human right for  
the internet (such as freedom from filtering and blocking) are not  
actually principles but are right. Then there are two types of  
- legal principles (such as rule of law) and
- implementation principles (such as interoperability and network  

If we keep "rights and principles" in the name, at the same level,  
then I suspect the HR/legal community will interpret these are "legal  
principles". When finding that these are actually implementation  
principles, this might lead to misunderstandings.

In summary, I would go for "Charter of Human Rights in the Internet  
Environment", taking for granted that principles need to be defined -  
and actually are - for the implementation and the realization of  
these rights.


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