[IRP] FW: Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl
Fri Aug 13 12:25:31 EEST 2010


Le 13/08/2010 11:11, parminder a ?crit :
> My response to what appears to be Oliver's notes on my comments
>         L5. I would steer well away from anything undermining equality
>         before the law. Lack of equality brings discrimination by
>         definition. I would be interested in hearing more about your
>         question here, because I can't quite catch it.
>         That said, I'd rather have "All Internet users" instead of
>         "All Internet stakeholders".
> My objection was to saying all stakeholders - which seem to included
> businesses - are equal before law. I dont think citizens/ people and
> businesses are equal before law.
> And to that extent, your subsequent comment about using 'all internet
> users' instead of 'all internet stakeholders' does partly address that
> issue. Though, as I said in my last email I have issues with use of
> 'Internet users' term as well, and would prefer 'people'

I made my comments independently of your email, so I had not read your
suggestion when I sent it to Lisa.

> A couple of reasons (and some overlap with my last email)
> Many parts of a charter of rights vis a vis the Internet will apply to
> non-users as well, for instance personal information, defamation etc....
> also I am  never sure with the fast changing world if the user is
> always a human being :), and hope in a few years in an era of Internet
> of things, we would not like to give 'things' the same rights as
> Internet users.
> So best to say 'all people' or 'all human beings', the traditional
> subject of human rights.

+1. Good suggestion. Perhaps can we look at possibly replacing "users" &
"stakeholders" with people elsewhere on the document, on a case by case

Kind regards,


Olivier MJ Cr?pin-Leblond, PhD

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