[IRP] Anonymity On The Internet

Ian Peter ian.peter
Thu Aug 12 02:03:35 EEST 2010

I don't think the anonymity argument is straight forward.

At the centre of spam and a lot of cybercrime is the ease with which one can
pretent to be someone else on the internet. Particularly in the area of on
line commerce and banking, I would like to know that who I am dealing with
is who they claim to be. That's difficult if we protect anonymity as some
sort of right.

If anonymity is a right, it is a lot easier to pretend to be someone else.

Ian Peter

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> Subject: [IRP] Anonymity On The Internet
> This is not yet an issue but may become one.  Does the Charter need to
> address this in any way?
> http://blogs.findlaw.com/technologist/2010/08/saying-no-to-the-death-of-anonym
> ity-on-the-internet.html?DCMP=NWL-cons_legalgrounds
> Sylvia
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