[IRP] We Must Protect Net Neutrality in Europe! - Open letterto the European Parliament

Meryem Marzouki marzouki
Sun Sep 20 17:16:33 EEST 2009

Hi all,

I understand the argument put forward by Olivier, Max and Rafik. I  
maintain my point. I do know that the intentions of the statement are  
good, specially since I know La quadrature du net and their actions  
so far. But the statement, as written and already signed by many  
organizations, goes too far with important inaccuracies on *basic*  
issues of *main* concern to IRP, and not targetting all the relevant  
targets, that it would be simply detrimental for IRP to sign it.

Not signing a statement don't necessarily mean opposition to its  
intention or even to parts of it.
But signing a statement, for an organization or a coalition like IRP,  
is part of the accountability of actions/positions, etc. of an  
entity. This is more important, on the long term, than "acting for  
the sake acting". The signature of the statement would occur right  
after the signature of the Vedro statement (putting privacy and other  
fundamental rights at the same level as copyright) with IRP  
affiliation. I'm of the opinion that IRP doesn't need such  
unfortunate moves, and should concentrate on its core tasks and  

Note that most people from La quadrature du net speaks good English:)


Le 20 sept. 09 ? 12:59, Max Senges a ?crit :

> Hi Olivier and all
> I also see the inaccuracy in the statement, but agree with Olivier  
> that the overall cause and jist of the appeal is commendable and  
> would therefore maintain my request to sign it. Any more opinions?
> @Olivier: The people from la quatrature do a very job and I think  
> your idea to reach out to them is very good. Given that you master  
> the complexities of the french tongue, would you agree to be our  
> "liaison"? I think it is too late to amend this statement, but we  
> can offer to collabowrite on future statements and (maybe more  
> importantly) we should invite them to contribute to our Charter of  
> Human Rights and Principles on the Internet. (I will send the kick- 
> off message in a couple of hours).
> my2cent
> Max
> On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond  
> <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> "Meryem Marzouki" <marzouki at ras.eu.org> wrote:
> I have absolutely no intention to oppose the signature of this  
> text  in case there is a consensus on this, but I would never sign  
> a  statement stating: "Except in some authoritarian regimes,  
> everyone  around the globe has access to the same Internet, and  
> even the  smallest entrepreneurs are on equal footing with the  
> leading global  enterprises." That is simply not true.
> I agree with you that the statement is mis-written (both in the  
> English and the French version) and contains inaccuracies, but the  
> jist of the statement is that it promotes network neutrality -  
> whatever definition of network neutrality you give it.
> I feel that far from hurting efforts to keep the Internet as open  
> as possible, signing this note will promote the Internet that we  
> know and like. In an effort to make this statement better and more  
> beffitting with reality, perhaps should we email the statement  
> organisers at signature [at] laquadrature . net  with our comments?
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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