[IRP] remote participation for our workshop right now

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
Sun Sep 13 19:28:12 EEST 2009

Sounded like a good meeting. Wish I could have gone to the dinner!

I just wanted to just comment here,  since I got there late and didn't know how this would fit the prerogatives of the face to face discussion. 

Re: 4.2 media competence section of document

addresses user education - happy to see this. (I'm trying to educate myself daily in this field). 

This seems to speak to the participation gap espoused by henry jenkins where media literacy is necessary to participate in the read/write web, which starts from the notion that people need to know how to both read and write online, to scrutinize sources (critical thinking, information literacy) and to create (ethically, creatively, and responsibly). 

for me, this clause can also be about educating on internet governance issues  and about getting youth involved in this discussion. 

IRP should have an education program for youth, general public, and new members, which could include documents, online learning objects, videos (animated shorts), etc.  this could help encourage participation. 

My two pence!



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