[IRP] IRP mid-term meeting

Lisa Horner lisa
Thu May 21 17:11:01 EEST 2009

Hi all


As you may know already, the Italian government have said that they are no longer able to host a mid-term meeting for the coalition.  I?ve discussed this with a few people off list, and think that it?s important for us to still try and meet before the next IGF so that we can discuss what progress we?ve been making, engage more people from the different stakeholder groups and firm up strategies for going forwards.


Marco at Google Italy has kindly offered us a room in Rome (I guess round about the original planned date of July 20th) where we could meet for the day.  It would be good to gauge levels of interest amongst coalition members in this?  

Do you think that we should still hold a meeting in Rome?

Would you be able to attend? Would you be able to fund yourself to attend?


The other option would be to try and hold a meeting before the Eurodig conference in Geneva (September 14th ? 15th).  Some of you may already be planning to attend that meeting and so it may make more sense financially?  We could also try and host a workshop or forum on rights and principles in association with Eurodig as well as having a smaller business meeting in Rome.


Please let the list know what you think!  We obviously need to get moving on this pretty quickly if we want to go ahead with a meeting in July.


All the best,


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