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Lisa,  These look great.


A few points - do we want the IWF under 'International
multi-stakeholder' as my understanding is that while it is receiving
international attention, it is a national approach.  Also, might we want
to set out the CoE guidelines and conventions to be discussed i.e. the
Convention on Cybercrime.




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Hi all


I have to submit the list of speakers for the workshop proposal on
practical steps for rooting IG in human rights by the end of the month.
The workshop would be interactive, rather than having panelists.  It'd
be great if you could help me brainstorm the practical initiatives that
we should be thinking about.  These can be actual human rights projects,
or approaches that don't currently centre on rights but that could be
useful for moving forwards in this area.


The idea would be to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the
approach, assess their role in the overarching effort to advance rights
and identify best practice/areas we need to work on moving forwards.


I've listed some initiatives below for starters.  We wouldn't
necessarily go into detail on all of these, and we'd do some work
beforehand to tease out some of the main issues and best practices.  I'm
thinking we might want to focus on the international initiatives.  But
right now I'm just trying to get an idea of the kinds of approaches that
are out there. 


*         International multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnership

o   The Global Network Initiative

o   Freedom of Expression Project

o   Human readable privacy icons

o   APC/CoE/UNECE Code of good practice on public participation, access
to information and transparency in Internet governance

o   Civil society and user participation in IG and other governance
institutions? ICANN? OECD? W3C??

o   Internet Watch Foundation (children's rights).

*         Intergovernmental initiatives/approaches

o   Council of Europe guidelines and conventions 

o   Unesco ethical dimensions of the information society

o   UN human rights council & special rapporteurs

*         National level initiatives

o   Brazil consultations on Communications: A Means for Building Rights
and Citizenship in the Digital Era, Dec '09  

o   Kictanet successes, Kenya

o   Constitutional reform in Costa Rica and Ecuador.

*         Advocacy approaches

o   APC Internet rights charter

o   Amnesty irrepressible.info, global voices advocacy and other


Your thoughts, comments and ideas would be much appreciated!  NB I've
pasted the workshop proposal below.


Many thanks,




Human rights and principles in internet governance: Practical steps


This workshop will examine practical strategies for incorporating human
rights standards into internet governance processes and policies.
Building on the commitment and momentum generated amongst different
stakeholders at the IGF 2008 workshop, Mainstreaming Human Rights in
Internet Governance, this workshop will help individuals and internet
governance organisations to take practical steps to protect and expand
universal human rights within their work and activities.  


The workshop will provide an update on the progress made by different
initiatives throughout the year, and explore challenges and
opportunities for their continuation and expansion.  Discussion will be
rooted in specific contexts and case study material in order to develop
practical strategies and solutions rather than only theoretical debate.
The workshop will be highly interactive, inviting audience members to
feed in their experiences and ideas.  It will provide a space for
furthering understanding about human rights and internet governance, and
for fostering collaboration between stakeholders from the business,
civil society and government sectors to address critical issues.







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