[IRP] ICANN Mexico: teaming up for 5.5. Work on an "Individual Internet Users" declaration.

Meryem Marzouki marzouki
Wed Feb 25 11:57:44 EET 2009

Hello all,

Le 24 f?vr. 09 ? 20:56, Sylvia Caras a ?crit :

>> "Individual Internet Users"
> This seems to be about the rights of those who purchase a domain name,
> a subset of individual users.  If that's correct, that it is the
> rights of the purchasers we are wanting to identify, than I'd suggest
> different wording.

I couldn't agree more with Sylvia. This is about _contractual  
issues_, including terms of use/services, privacy policy, etc. There  
is indeed much to think about how to preserve consumer rights in this  
sector, especially as they are protected -- by law -- in some  
countries/region, and, as this is specifically concerned here,  
privacy rights of users. Otherwise, such contractual clauses might  
well be considered as abusive.
However, this should by no mean touch upon, e.g. content and other  
issues related to free speech and, more generally speaking,  
fundamental freedoms. It should remain neutral vis a vis these aspects.

To Cheryl: I would be interested in reading a copy of your draft.  
Please do send it, thanks.


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