[IRP] ICANN Mexico: teaming up for 5.5. Work on an "Individual Internet Users" declaration.

Milton L Mueller mueller
Tue Feb 24 15:27:11 EET 2009

>From: Max Senges [maxsenges at gmail.com]
>Are you interested to participate in discussing and drafting an "Individual Internet Users" declaration?

No, I am not interested in YADDA YADDA (Yet Another Declaration that Doesn't Do Anything, Yet Another Declaration that Doesn't Do Anything)

There are many opportunities to get directly involved in making and influencing ICANN policy, via the GNSO Noncommercial Users Constituency, in direct public forums before the Board, before the GAC, in Working Groups, etc. I do not mean to dminish efforts to bring new people into this sphere of advocacy, and perhaps the At Large Summit will help in some ways to do that, but unless that work is focused on real processes and real policy proposals in the GNSO, GAC and the Board, you are wasting a lot of precious energy. 

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