[IRP] forward IGC open consultation statement & endorsement draft

C H craighubleyca
Fri Feb 20 22:22:43 EET 2009

Having volunteered several times to make an effective consultative process work and been stalled and rebuffed as many times, and having seen also no operational discussion regarding valid goals for this group to pursue, I am withdrawing for the moment until I see evidence that this group really represents anyone or anything of value.

Feel free to contact me when the group is under different management or is actually interested in either technical assistance or operational goals or cooperation with groups that can offer same.  Insulting and inappropriate demands to rubber-stamp poorly-thought-out materials won't achieve that.

I refuse to endorse this draft and since that refusal is unwelcome, I am no longer involved.

Any of you may feel free to contact me personally about legitimate goals or any group that actually intends to pursue our goals by effective means.

Craig Hubley


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