[IRP] R: IRP-DC elections results

Fiorello Cortiana f.cortiana
Tue Dec 22 17:56:21 EET 2009

Dear IRP-DC members,
I am pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected for the IRP-DC Steering Committee:
*	Academy (44 participants): 
	*	Carlos Alfonso Pereira de Souza (25 votes) 
	*	Rafik Dammak (18 votes) 
	*	Robert Bodle (18 votes) 
	*	Marianne Franklin (18 votes) 
*	Civil Society (44 participants) 
	*	Anja Kovacs (29 votes) 
	*	Robert Guerra (21 votes) 
	*	Graciela Selaiman (20 votes) 
*	Governmental institutions (38 participants) 
	*	Lee Hibbard (28 votes) 
	*	Andrea Becalli (22 votes) 
	*	Johan Hallenborg (14 votes) 
*	Private Sector (44 participants) 
	*	Lisa Horner (37 votes) 
	*	Max Senges (32 votes) 
	*	Shaila Rao Mistry (16 votes) 
	*	Olivier JM Cr?pin-Leblond (16 votes) 
As you see, the election has ended in a tie among several members within the academic and private sectors. Although this situation is not regulated in the procedures for this electoral process, such regulations do say that the Steering Committee may be "no more than 15" members. A simple criterion that is compatible with this limitation and that does not make it necessary to organize a second electoral round is to appoint the 3 most voted candidates within each stakeholder group, but allowing more than 3 appointments per stakeholder group if there are several candidates in tie. The 14 member Steering Committee above results from applying this criterion.
As a summarized election report, one problem for which I am entirely responsible and sincerely apologize needs to be explained here. One of the candidates, Heike Jensen, did not appear on the ballot list during the first two days of the voting period. Although she did appear as a candidate and her profile and electoral program were available in the Google spreadsheet from the opening of the online ballots, her name wasn't added to the ballot's candidate list until December 4th, as soon as we were informed of the error. In order to guarantee that this had not deprived the candidate from any votes and that every IRP-DC member wishing to vote for her had the possibility to do so, the 23 IRP-DC members who had already voted by the time the ballot was amended were sent an email giving them the possibility to modify only one of their votes within the academic sector and only in favor of Heike Jensen. Two members expressed their wish to modify their votes, but neither of them could specify with certainty the candidates they had elected, so no vote modifications were finally made. In view of the final results within the academic sector, however, such arrangements would not have altered the composition of the Steering Committee.
I would like to give special thanks to Prof. Derrick Cogburn, who provided and managed the online voting system and whose contribution was essential for sorting out problems as they emerged. Thanks also to Max Senges for his support and counsel during the process, and to all of you for your participation. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be interested in having any further details of the process. 
Biel Company P?rez
IRPDC Steering Committee elections officer
Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona. 
Tel.: (+34) 93 673 50 82
bcompanyp at uoc.edu <mailto:bcompanyp at uoc.edu> 
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