[IRP] appologies - input - multistakholderism & a telco meeting?

Katitza Rodriguez katitza
Mon Dec 21 14:16:03 EET 2009

Hola Max:

> When it comes to multistakeholderism my perspective is quite simple:  
> we all have differnent expertise and  multistakeholderism is a way  
> to allow all relevant parties to participate in the deliberation and  
> consensus seeking process (at least on internet related governance  
> questions "rough consensus and running code"  has traditionally been  
> the leitmotiv). It is the openness of the IGF that has always  
> impressed me and that I believe makes it a very suitable format for  
> internet governance politics.

In some issues, this consensus is not possible. Not only within civil  
society but even within the business sector community. Just read the  
news between ATT, Microsoft and Google.

Some time, a consensus within different stakeholders, can also act as  
a way to isolate/ avoid putting in the table of the IG discussion,  
those issues that are a high priority concern for some of us but touch  
the business model of some corporations/governments. Sometimes, we are  
individuals, without the capacity nor the budget to act, all the time,  
to share our knowledge and our concerns. Governments but mostly  
Corporations usually have that resources. IGF provide this space to  
have a truly discussions with different stakeholders in equal footing.

> While I appreciate the indispensable participation of subject mater  
> experts, I believe in a multistakeholder space it is important to be  
> inclusive, reach out to new comers and share knowledge rather than  
> lecture. Only in such a constructive and optimistic environment is  
> IMHO productive and forward looking internet governance  
> collaboration possible. Nobody wants to participate in a community  
> where people fight all the time :-) and this is not to say that I  
> dont acknowledge that there is a very fine line between fighting and  
> debating hard.

We are all here participating in our individual capacity and with our  
individual voice. We share our concerns and we try to share our  
knowledge and learn from everyone. My main passion to be in IGF is not  
only to learn what others are doing/saying but also to share my  
knowledge of what I consider are also high priorities in the IGF  
debate (among many other topics).

We need to understand the granularity of the problem, because as Piero  
alludes in his lyrics: "Piero Para El Pueblo Lo Que Es Del Pueblo"

"Estudiar era un pecado
Clandestino era saber
Porque cuando el pueblo sabe
No lo enga?a un brigadier"

All the best,


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