[IRP] IRP-DC elections results

shaila mistry shailam
Sat Dec 19 23:34:55 EET 2009

Congratulations everyone.
It is good to have such a diverse dedicated group. It is always up to a few passionate individuals  who come together to bring about change and are willing to give their time for such a worth while venture. 
 With a vision that includes a better future for those who do not have a voice of their own or a place at the table can we create a better world. This thought alone drives all the work that I do!

I am honored to be serving on this committee  and look forward to getting to know you all.

I accept a term of two years.

I too wish to thank Max for his stellar leadership and patient steering of this committee. And for keeping his cool. And being PATIENT .I watched him  remotely in Egypt:)

I too would like to nominate Lisa Horner as Chair . I watched her also, remotely in Egypt . She has all the leadership qualities that I would look for in a Chair.

Max to your suggestion to meet this Tuesday or Wednesday, I suggest we wait, because it is Christmas week and it is difficult assemble people.Just my suggestion.

Merry Christmas
happy Holidays to you all


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Re: Congrats
Congrats to new steering committee and all who pledged their commitment by nominating themselves and/or accepting their nominations. I look forward to working with everyone, and would be happy to serve for two years, if the charter permits.  

Re: Former Chair
Props to Max for his motivational and visionary leadership throughout his tenure as Chair, including what seems to be a gift for persistence, collab?ing, and delegating!

Re: New Chair
I?d like to pledge my support for the nomination of Lisa Horner for Chair. From my experience--both at IGF09 and throughout the last year--Lisa has demo?d strong and ethical leadership including: 
-practical deliberation and facilitation skills,
-diplomatic savvy,
-effective and respectful interpersonal communication skills, 
-a nuanced understanding of human rights as applied to internet rights and principles (stratification of IG),
-commitment to multi-stakeholderism
-drive and follow through to get things done.

Re: mandate / schedule for the Expert Review & Consolidation Proposal for IRP Charter Revision (sent by MeryemMarzouki)
Looks great. I really like the opportunity for two rounds of comments from IRP coalition built in.  Concerns:
-if the public launch of charter includes a printed hard-copy, the turnaround time for incorporating last minute suggestions seems tight (from Sept 1-Sept 14th).  (If launch includes a soft online publication only, then this doesn?t seem to be an issue. Also if charter is short enough, this can be printed in a pinch, I suppose, and inserted in a 3 fold brochure for outreach). 
General Concerns:
-not sure of decision-making process if there is disagreement (consensus? Democratic vote?). 
-not sure of transparency issues if there is strong opposition to a point from within experts group or between IRP coalition member and experts, and how it will be handled.  

Re: IRP website, fb activity
I?ll be attempting to move content from the old hacked IRP site to a new space (will announce when this is completed). 
I also created a fb cause page for IRP to potentially receive donations, though we are in need of a beneficiary that is recognized by FB(please email if you have any questions or suggestions): http://apps.facebook.com/causes/420071

Season's greetings, 

btw/I think a Steering Com mailing list is a good idea.  For me, Tues is better than Wed to meet at 18:00 CET. 


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Dear Biel, dear steering committee peers, dear IRPlers

@Biel: thanks for managing the election process. we all know that error is human and while i would have appreciated to work with Heike in the steering committee, I am positive that her participation (as well as that of the other candidates who ran) will be very valuable and valued no matter in whether they are in the steering committee or not.

@the freshly elected steering committee (SC) coleagues:
(1) CONGRATULATIONS - This is going to be an exciting year and I am very much looking forward to working with you.

(2) we now have to proceed to elect a chair amongst the 14 SC members. The charter simply says elect, which in my understanding could be via vote or consensus. I think it would be ideal to find consensus, but let's open the floor for nominations and then deliberate.

    I would like to nominate Lisa Horner as IRP Chair. Lisa has been continuously furthering the development of our coalition and in fact many times she was the leading force behind organizing and running meetings and collabowritings. Thanks for all the work you did so far, I hope you accept the nomination.

Maybe the easiest would be to have a conference call? I would be happy to meet next tuesday or wednesday? Given that we have two SC members from Asia I would suggest to stick to the 18.00 CET time, but I am of course flexible.

(3) all steering committee members will have to choose whether you want to serve one or two years on the steering committee - please announce your choice on the list. Our charter states: "IRP will elect a steering committee, at least two of which will serve for one year and at least two of which will serve for two years. [...] Nominees will select which term length they prefer.

      I am happy to serve for two years.

(4) I propose that we setup a separate steering committee mailing-list which all SC members give high priority when dealing with their email. We all know that email traffic can be overwhelming and to have a method to quickly discuss and decide on a time-critical matter (e.g. whether or not to endorse an appeal or other document) would be very helpful.

@all IRPlers: thanks for voting and for your continued interest and participation in our cause! The number of 44 votes might sound little, however this is a significant organizational development from the 8 folks who simply volunteered in the first year of the steering committee's existence, and the "improvised steering committee" we setup in the wake of the merger last year.

In closing, I would be very interested to discuss and hear your perception of the mandate / schedule for the Expert Review & Consolidation of our "Charter of Human Rights and Principles on the Internet" sent by Meryem and forwarded by me on Dec. 14th  ("Re: Proposal for IRP Charter Revision")

And of course it would be good to have some more community input for the Charter itself.

To a good year for Internet Rights and Principles!



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