[IRP] quite questionable decisions in the domain dispute court

Hanane Boujemi hananeb
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Greed for more business opportunities is not only restricted to corporations, it seems that some registrars as well are using tricky procedures to convince big companies have their trademarks registered. A case I came accros two days ago when a CEO of a company in Cyberjaya, Malaysia complained that he is spammed by a registrar in China claiming that some other parties based in China applied to regsiter his company's trademark in and it was not true, it was just a trick to make him register his Trademark in .cn... Such practices poses big question marks if such attemps are legal.

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  Hi IRPlers
  just received the following post:

  Hi we met during the icann meeting in mexico, and as i recall you were interested in registrants rights. 
  That is why i write you: in denmark we have had some quite questionable decisions in the domain dispute court.

  Some private registrants have lost their domain with no reason other than a company wanted it.

  The disputecourt favored the company and some of us quite afraid that this will be the future here.

  here is a link with an explanation. 
  Check on twitter + facebook too if you feel like it.

  I was thinking that you might know some people who might be interested in this matter.

  Best regards

  Anders Gammelmark 


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