[IRP] New Policy & Internet journal by Oxford, Berkeley and others

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Milton and I are on journal's editorial advisory board, along with other friends of Internet Rights and Principles.

Definitely Max is right, submissions are welcome!

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hello everybody

Very interesting...


"The Policy Studies Organization (PSO), the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), and Berkeley Electronic Press are proud to announce Policy & Internet: the first major peer-reviewed journal investigating the implications of the Internet and associated technologies for public policy. The Internet is now the most important international medium of communication and information exchange, embedded in interactions between citizens, firms, governments and NGOs, and bringing with it new practices, norms and structures. The societal shift enabled by the Internet has major implications for public policy in all sectors, requiring rigorous empirical investigation, theoretical development and methodological innovation across academic disciplines. Policy & Internet is the first journal to fill a crucial gap in policy knowledge and research. It will be the premier venue for scholars and researchers to set the public policy agenda in the digital era."

looking forward to reading your research on Internet Rights and Principles there :-)



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