[IRP] Tentative proposal for merging the APC/IRP and FCForum charter processes

Jeremy Malcolm jeremy
Mon Dec 7 12:45:05 EET 2009


I have mostly just lurked on this list so far, but I am writing about  
the APC Charter of Human Rights and Principles on the Internet, and a  
proposal that has come up from another group that I'm involved with  
(the Free Culture Forum Coalition), suggesting that it could be merged  
with its charter, the Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to  
Knowledge (see http://fcforum.net/).

I like both charters, but they have their strengths and weaknesses.   
As I see it, the APC Charter has an excellent and logical structure,  
but it has been drafted by a fairly narrow group.  The current version  
of the FCForum charter is the opposite: the structure is a bit of a  
mess, but there was a large coalition of many groups brought together  
(in person and online) to produce it.

Aside from those differences, there is quite a lot of overlap between  
the two charters and it could make sense, I think, to work towards  
combining them.  So this is a very tentative initial email, sent at  
the request of the convenor of the FCForum, to see what the  
participants of this list think about the idea of merging the two  
processes, to produce a single unified version 2.0 charter on Internet  
rights and A2K.


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