[IRP] good practice to define limits of freedom of expression

Max Senges maxsenges
Fri Dec 4 12:53:52 EET 2009

Hi there

As many of you know Germany has decided to limit free expression in some
specific cases and installed practices and institutions that prescribe age
classification and "illegal content" etc.. There is an ongoing discourse and
about the categories and their scope etc.. E.g. what an  "unconstitutional
organization" or "racial demagoguery" is.

There is a whole ecosystem of public and semi-public institutions that deal
with these definitions and whether e.g. the German Nationalist Party (NPD)
is unconstitutional or not... the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to
Young Persons (Bundespr?fstelle f?r jugendgef?hrdende Medien,
an index (a.k.a. black-list) of content that is not to be
distributed (or in some cases even confiscated). The Wikipedia article sums
up the work of the BPjM quite nicely (esp. the indexing

Do you know about other good practices? Would it make sense to have a body
like the BPjM on a global level?

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