[IRP] minutes from our august meeting

Max Senges maxsenges
Thu Aug 13 20:35:24 EEST 2009

hi everybody

we a good meeting and discussed the following points:

Olivier will talk to Rudi Vansnick about registrant rights charter and
hopefully get us an update
Online Rights Clearing House - Chilling Effects Cooperation

*we all agreed that it is a good idea to contribute (rather than reinventing
the wheel and start another clearing house)
the following people and institutions might be well positioned to promote
"online rights cases reporting" beyond the USA:
global voices (possibly through rebecca mackinnon)
phillip roberts - australia
germany - Annette Muehlberg
argentina - lisa has some contacts
carlos affonso in brazil
india - parminder
We will also post about chilling effects on our website
a question for wendy would be whether there is a mailing list or generally
where chilling effects contributers can coordinate and deliberate??

*Internet Rights Charter Review
*Lisa will make a suggestion on how to enter the "principle language" rather
than "all new rights"
Jac originally wanted to raise internet rights one by one  (one a week)

For those interested:
--- the old/current charter http://www.apc.org/en/node/5677
-- the actual wiki to suggest changes http://irc.wiki.apc.org

Olivier will send an ISOC paper on internet ecology that differentiates
between the different layers/commons of the internet:

--- shaila will review privacy and make suggestions; lisa will suggest
points for freedom of expression

*Report on Values, Principles and Rights almost there
*    ?    the report will be published in the next couple of days

*Our workshop pre-Eurodig
- we are inviting more people --- please spread the word and invite people @
-- we are working to organize remote participation - please indicate whether
you'd be interested to participate remotely

*Our workshops at IGF Egypt
- we are co-organizing three sessions:
----- our own IRP meeting which will present our approach (as we will have
discussed through the report on values, principles and rights)
----- Lisa is co-organizing a workshop together with the ?Library of
Alexandria project?
----- Bertrand, myself and others are planning to hold a workshop on Social
Network Governance (think who governance the millions on facebook)

as always please add, comment and edit

to another productive month
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