[IRP] IRP meets chilling effects

Max Senges maxsenges
Fri Aug 7 22:00:36 EEST 2009

hi everybody

I just spoke to Wendy Seltzer (one of the key people behind Chilling
Effects). As mentioned before http://www.chillingeffects.org/ is a very
commendable effort to develop a clearing house for online rights cases (just
like we/IRP envisioned in our mission). So far the vast majority of cases in
the database are from the US and they are mostly cease and desist cases
that's why Wendy and her colleagues would be interested to team up with IRP
in order to broaden its contributors base to include non-US cases.

Are IRPlers (besides me) interested in contributing cases to the Chilling
Effects clearning house? Wendy is also interested in people (mostly lawyers
i guess)  who would help to make the content (e.g. the FAQs more
international / relevant to non-US -- http://www.chillingeffects.org/faq.cgi

Ok I put the point on the agenda for our next monthly meeting (for which
i'll send the invite in a sec)

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