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M.I.Franklin M.I.Franklin
Mon Apr 20 18:52:47 EEST 2009

Hi Max et al,

These subtleties are grist to the workshop mill and all the more important 
for that reason so I look forward to those debates.

Question right now, as always, is how to phrase the statement and proposal 
sent to the IGF ' Top' in such as way that it can be acceptable to all 
parties there (with veto powers) and those within this CD who are 
uncomfortable with the term values, whilst still retaining some substance.

Then the workshop proposal/s need to pay attention to these textual 
minefields too so if Lisa/Global Partners can 'own' the term values for the 
time being as part of their workshop initiative then it needn't be an issue 
in other communiqu?s.


--On 20 April 2009 17:00 +0200 Max Senges <max at supercoolschool.com> wrote:

> hi everybody
> two quick points (or as it turns out not so quick): (a) lisa and i just
> had a meeting where we discussed about the relation between: values -
> rights - principles --- at first i was critical but lisa managed to
> convince me of the usefulness of addressing values as part of our
> approach. As some of you know i have been contracted by Global Partners
> to work on a report "Rooting the networked environment in human rights:
> Exploring "values and principles" approaches and mechanisms" so i am
> sorry i don't have time to elaborate my (initial) work done so far, but i
> suggest that we discuss and ultimitely agree on a shared definition in
> our (revised) mission statement.
> I would like to invite everybody who is interested to participate in this
> essential discussion to meet to discuss the preliminary findings of the
> report on friday the 8th of may. So we can report some first insights
> from the discussion.
> Anyways I would say that Lisa / Global Partners can propose the workshop
> with the "values" "tag" if she decides to do so because (b) in the form i
> would list the IRP coalition where it says? "who would you approach as
> co-organizers?".
> hasta luego
> max

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