[IRP] request for sign-on to civil society statement supporting NCUC's petition for a noncommercial stakeholders group at ICANN

Robin Gross robin
Wed Apr 15 21:30:30 EEST 2009

Dear All,

I am contacting you in the hopes that you will add your non-profit  
organization?s support for the proposed Non-Commercial Stakeholders  
Group (NCSG) charter at ICANN by signing this joint civil society  
statement: http://www.ipjustice.org/ICANN/NCSG/ 

	As you know, the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is the  
organization that represents non-commercial interests and advocates  
for the protection of digital rights including free expression,  
privacy, due process of law and other non-commercial interests in  
ICANN-GNSO policy discussions.  As part of ICANN?s GNSO Restructuring  
efforts, the 6 ?constituencies? are being replaced by 4 broader  
?stakeholder groups?, including a Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group  
(NCSG) to represent the interests of non-commercial users of domain  
names in the GNSO policy arena at ICANN.

NCUC has submitted a petition for the charter of the NCSG that  
intends to encourage broader civil society participation at ICANN and  
aims to increase the relative power of non-commercial interests in  
ICANN policy negotiations.  Noncommercial individuals and  
organizations are invited to participate in the NCSG, which will be  
governed by stakeholder group wide elections under the petition.

All of the proposed stakeholder group petitions are in the midst of a  
Public Comment Period at ICANN (until 15 April - TODAY- end-of- 
business in California) so the ICANN Board of Directors can receive  
input from the general public on the various stakeholder group  

	The NCSG charter needs your support to ensure that all non- 
commercial interests have a voice through their GNSO representatives  
and in the creation of policy.  We ask for your support because we  
want the stakeholder group that represents non-commercial interests  
to be able to generate sound, consensual, and collaborative policy  
and decisions that are representative of all of the members in the  
stakeholder group.

	In summary, the NCUC?s petition for a Non-Commercial Stakeholder  
Group is the best proposal of those submitted because it:

Emphasizes democratic representation to the Generic Names Supporting  
Organization instead of a constituency-based approach that gives  
disproportionate power to select groups.
Encourages cooperation and inclusiveness through consensus-building  
among members of the stakeholder groups.
Ensures that minority viewpoints are heard and their policy ideas are  
explored through an increased reliance on working groups.
Operates with a flexible and lightweight framework that allows it to  
focus on representing non-commercial interests without getting bogged  
down by bureaucratic details.
	Please consider signing the following statement to indicate your  
support for the NCSG petition from NCUC.

Joint Civil Society Statement Supporting the NCSG Petition from NCUC:


Please indicate your support for signing this civil society statement  
before 15 April today - end-of-business in California (which is the  
deadline for submitting Public Comments) by sending an email to  
robin at ipjustice.org.  Thank you very much.


The NCUC Executive Committee and GNSO Councilors:

Robin Gross, NCUC Chair

Norbert Klein, NCUC Nominating Committee Representative (Asia)

Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza, NCUC GNSO Policy Councilor (South  

Mary Wong, NCUC GNSO Policy Councilor (Asia)

William Drake, NCUC GNSO Policy Councilor (Europe)

Carlos Afonso, NCUC Executive Committee Representative (South America)

Horacio Cadiz NCUC Executive Committee Representative (Asia)

Georg Greve, NCUC Executive Committee Representative (Europe)

Robert Guerra, NCUC Executive Committee Representative (North America)

Dave Kissoondoyal, NCUC Executive Committee Representative (Africa)

Background Information:

Joint Civil Society Statement Supporting the NCSG Petition from NCUC:

NCUC?s Petition to Form a Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group:

Executive Summary / Cover Letter of NCSG Petition from NCUC:

Information on ICANN Public Comment Period for Stakeholder Group  

Public Comments Submitted Thus Far on Stakeholder Group Petitions:

IGF/WSIS Internet Governance Caucus Statement Supporting NCUC?s NCSG  

Robin Gross, Executive Director
1192 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA  94117  USA
p: +1-415-553-6261    f: +1-415-462-6451
w: http://www.ipjustice.org     e: robin at ipjustice.org

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