[IRP] monthly meeting this thursday 16th of April 8am GMT

Max Senges maxsenges
Tue Apr 14 17:31:53 EEST 2009

Hi everybody

As planned let's meet this thursday 16th of April at 8am GMT (i think that
should allow participation from many more timezones).

I think most agenda points are still the same. Proposed agenda:

   - Review/Ammend&Add/Accept Agenda
   - report Human Readable Privacy project meeting in Berlin
   - Rudi: next steps Registrants Rights Charter
   - Meeting in Italy -- Lisa and others
   - contribution to IGF review
   - proposals for workshops (i know Bertrand has one on Rights in
   - re-development of our mission statement
   - re-development of our website content (i think we can improve a lot by
   targeting why people/institutions/companies should join and what they can

I have problems setting up the skype-conference call service right now. Can
anyone either recommend a conf-call provider or even offer to host our call?

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